1. "Not always porn!"
    Reason of why Levi wanted to top
    The forbidden and impossible ereri son
    "I want to sleep on top of Levi!"
    "Sleeping alone is not so bad..." *cries and misses Levi*
    "Don't talk with me if you are not Levi"
    "Tsk! Don't cry" *chu*
    Shares the food only with Eren
    "You are not Eren, don't touch my food"


    Since I deleted my old blog I will re-upload this doodles from Twitter! Now with some dumb-ass-captions! (´ε` )♡

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  2. yuu-know:

    matching sweatersss

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  3. kei-koku:

    yknow eren’s hair kinda reminds me of a sproutimage

    so i just


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  4. usagiheichou:

    Translated by: me

    Source: ずんだ餅

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  5. ereri-is-in-the-air:

    Original:    by  ましゅほぺ

    [with permission from artist to repost their artwork] ~ [Do not repost without artist’s permission]

    Please do not remove source :)

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  6. highviscosity:

    this is the sort of thing i draw at 4 in the morning
    drew it yesterday but I fell asleep before I could post it

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  7. Work by 七川

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  9. illfigment:

    Here’s the first commission piece for alicexz ! Mikasa and Eren.

    Read More

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  10. Pixiv ID: 44735664
    Member: WTF BY EL

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